Die Selektion + Buzz Kull – Why Not Disco • Dresden

Die Selektion + Buzz Kull – Why Not Disco • Dresden
Freitag | 1. Juni 2018 | 21:00 Uhr

Why Not + Culture Club präsentieren:
Die Selektion + Buzz Kull
+ Die WHY NOT Disco

VVK: 10 € + Gebühren bei Konzertkasse Dresden und Saxticket.
AK: 12 €

„The new innocence“, DIE SELEKTION’s self description, is the first of many enthralling contradictions raised by the young band. Fast beats, cutting bass lines, bleak and subcooled synth layers, and then – the most unusual instrument for this genre: The trumpet. The plain brilliancy of how this works out leads to one question only: Why has no one done this before?
It doesn’t happen often that a new, young act finds such a good reception like these fledging boys from Southern Germany. Already their very first demos caused a lot of attention and euphoria – a rare achievement in nowadays “dark scene“. Ever since “Du Rennst“, their first dancefloor hit in the clubs, DIE SELEKTION is a breath of fresh air in the dusty and often narrow minded world of dark electronic music. Maybe their youth is the secret to their self confidence and fearless approach, they overcame their idols easily and present the best possible emancipation from giant groups like DAF, NITZER EBB or DIE KRUPPS.
Since their formation, DIE SELEKTION gained a lot of reputation with sold- out releases and numerous live performances all over Europe and Russia. They quickly grew from an insider tip to an alternative act to be reckoned with. After the highly anticipated release of their very first album in 2011 and various singles, the boys are back with a new album “ Deine Stimme Ist Der Ursprung Jeglicher Gewalt “ on aufnahme + wiedergabe.

Marc Dwyer’s output as Buzz Kull is a mass of jagged synth lines and pounding drum machines, a testament to his personal sonic exploration over time. Dwyer’s music transcends the traditional archetype of darkwave by pushing pop sensibilities, focusing on different emotional states and boundaries.
Having only released a swathe of singles over the past five years, as well as the eponymous Buzz Kull 7″ on Fabrika records, Dwyer has remained an elusive but omnipresent figurehead of darker electronics within Sydney. Buzz Kull’s debut LP, Chroma, takes cues from the sound of darkwave at it’s best, whilst wrangling the genre forcefully into the present. It rips away the rose-coloured glasses of the 21st century, destroying them in the face of an otherwise glamorous and hedonistic generation.