Birth of Joy x support (tba)

Birth of Joy x support (tba)
Dienstag | 13. November 2018 | 20:00 Uhr

Birth of Joy – 60ies on steroids, psychedelic organ r’n’r
Amsterdam, Enschede, Leiden / NL
„…Influenced by psychedelica, blues and steaming rock&roll this trio takes you back to the old times of MC5, The Doors and even Pink Floyd! With a drumplayer that could be Keith Moon’s son, an organist that harrases his instrument to death and a singer/guitarist that seems to be the power version of Jim Morrison, this band is bound to catapult psychedelic sixties rock&roll back into our modern times. Forget about all those indie hipster bands and prepare for some real sleeze&roll. These guys are it and will rock your socks off for sure!“
support (tba)

VB 7 €
AK 9 €