Festival L*abore präs.: Pauwels(Fra)+Triggerkid & The Ending Man

Festival L*abore präs.: Pauwels(Fra)+Triggerkid & The Ending Man
Mittwoch | 23. Oktober 2019 | 20:00 Uhr

PAUWELS, a prolific and shape-fitting band born
in 2011 finds its name in the Louis Pauwels’s and Jacques
Bergier’s « The Morning of the Magicians » auto-da-fé from
which it draws its symbolic power. The very first years were
devoted to the making of their very first musical effort with a
self-titled EP released in 2013.
With the arrival of a second drummer, the band went
on gaining more and more popularity thanks to the noteworthy
« Elina » in 2015 and « Kobal » at the end of the same
year. Extensive touring shaped the 5 piece band reputation
as being « stage performers » and allowed them to share
bills with « UNS » (with the guitarist from INGRINA) and even
released the ‘U.P’ split album in 2016.
PAUWELS was born again in 2017 when the second drummer
Marlon Saquet left the band. So as a 4 piece band, they
started over, almost from scratch and pushed their limits. The
new LP « POENA CULLEI » marked the beginning of this
new era.
Recorded live in October 2018 for the « October
Tone Parties », the record retraces this new beginning process
through a gravelly and psychedelic 30-minute trance.
A huge bonfire with blowing embers aiming at the listener’s
skin. « POENA CULLEI » crackles to become the soundtrack
of the books it finds its inspiration from and unveils the music
from these fantasies and mystical civilizations which fueled
Pauwels’s and Bergier’s fantastic realism.

Support: Triggerkid & The Ending Man
The drummer Philip Ohlendorf (formerly Tú Acá No) and Trieblaut’s frontman Oliver Zorn founded a new duo in the summer of 2018: TRIGGER KID & THE ENDING MAN. After all, in addition to the mere presence in this world, it’s always about finding out how much something fits and why we’re actually here. Armed only with drums, bass guitar, effects and vocals, they play their kind of musical ecstasy between post-grunge, garage and noise rock with fun, depth and absolute passion! In doing so, they are playful and intuitively override genre boundaries in order to rule out any limitation right from the start!

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