Giöbia + Support

Giöbia + Support
Mittwoch | 27. Mai 2020 | 20:00 Uhr

Heavy Psych Sounds Records and ElbSludgeBooking e.V. present:

Giöbia are back in town after taking their audience to the moon at the Heavy Psych Sounds Fest in 2019!

The mystical day 60s rock met neopsychedelic rock mixing up to the point of losing consciousness of their own essence, in an overwhelming and incessant soundtrack with an unmistakable Italian taste, that’s when Giöbia’s acid rock was born. In a vortex that leaves no way out, the unique melodies of this quartet take the listener into a world where the boundaries of reality are no longer defined and anything can ever happen.

Unable to stop in front of any challenge, Giöbia decided to go on astonishing their audience again finally forging ‚Plasmatic Idol‘, which will see the light in 2020 via Heavy Psych Sounds, with the promise to upset and reconfirm them as the forefather of a genre that fascinates and amazes anyone who dare to leave themselves behind without fear of never returning.

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AK: 12,00 €

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